This is just a testing version of a much bigger game and lot different one than this one. It will be called Fly Alert 1.1 for testing and Fly Alert 2.0 as final testing version that will be released later in our game store.

To play this testing version of this game without having to download or install it. Go to

This game has been optimised for Windows 10 - 64bit or higher.

Previous versions of operating systems have not been tested. It can be to slow or not work at all.

If your Internet connection is to slow or have limited data then you can download this game so that you can play it on your local machine.

To do that click here to download the Game.

Once you downloaded and Extracted the Archive file called in to your favourite folder,

locate the highlighted file in the picture 01 and open it to play the game.

 Do NOT remove or edit any other files.

Picture 01

We need your feedback

Feel free to let us know of any improvements, comments, issues or upgrades we could use in making of our new upgrade patch Fly Alert 1.1 better

To contact us go to :


Email us on   :

Fly Alert 1.0 WWW.9.1W1.UK

Click here to download the full game